# Nuxt Frontend Setup

To start using this dashboard you will need to to install some dependencies or copy some files to your project.

# Steps to install

  1. Navigate to your Nuxt Argon Dashboard project folder: cd your-nuxt-argon-dashbord-project
  2. Install project dependencies: npm install
  3. Create a new .env file: cp .env.example .env
  4. BASE_URL should contain the URL of your Nuxt Argon Dashboard Project (eg. http://localhost:8080/)
  5. API_BASE_URL should contain the URL of your Laravel JSON:API Project. (eg. http://localhost:3000/api/v1)
  6. Run npm run dev to start the application in a local development environment or npm run build to build release distributables.

# Argon Dashboard

Argon Dashboard is built as Nuxt plugin so you can simply use it in your nuxt.config.js file

plugins: ["~/plugins/dashboard/dashboard-plugin"];

# Global Components

Argon comes with an extensive set of custom Vue components. Some of them are globally instantiated so it's easier to use them across the app without importing them each time.

Here's the list of global components:

  • Badge
  • BaseAlert
  • BaseButton
  • BaseCheckbox
  • BaseInput
  • BaseDropdown
  • BaseNav
  • BasePagination
  • BaseProgress
  • BaseRadio
  • BaseSlider
  • BaseSwitch
  • BaseHeader
  • Card
  • StatsCard
  • Modal
  • RouteBreadcrumb
  • ElInput (element-ui)
  • ElTooltip (element-ui)
  • ElPopover (element-ui)
  • Sidebar
  • SidebarItem

# Local components

Besides the components mentioned above, we have some extra components/plugins that are usually less used and bigger. In order to not affect the overall bundle size of the Argon Dashboard, they should be imported locally.

You can find the components inside src/components/ folder.

# Resources and credits

An user-friendly, open source and beautiful dashboard based on Bootstrap 4.

We at Creative Tim have always wanted to deliver great tools to all the web developers. We want to see better websites and web apps on the internet. Argon design

Developer First

Argon dashboard is a "Developer First" product, with a lot of variables for colors, fonts, sizes and other elements.

High quality before everything

We are following the latest code standards provided by the guys from Bootstrap, so you will love working with this dashboard.

Community helpers

Since all our products are built on top of Open Source also Argon dashboard is released under MIT License.

# Resources and credits

This dashboard is fully coded and built on top of Open Source, more details here:

# Learn more

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